Btw here's 5 reasons why Fiverr and Upwork are not viable for beginners: ↗️High competition on Fiverr and Upwork platforms can make it challenging for beginner freelancers to stand out and win jobs, especially if they lack experience or a strong portfolio. ↘️The competition-driven low pay rates on these platforms can create a race to the bottom where freelancers are forced to work for very little pay, making it difficult to earn a sustainable income. ⛔Stringent policies and guidelines on Fiverr and Upwork can limit the control and independence that beginner freelancers have over their work, making it less suitable for those who want to work independently. 🚫Fiverr and Upwork platforms prioritize the services offered by freelancers, making it difficult for beginners to build their personal brand and reputation, which can be important for long-term success. ⚠️The fees and commissions charged on every job completed by Fiverr and Upwork can reduce the earnings of freelancers over time, affecting their profitability. #fiverr #upwork #freelancer


#fiverr #upwork #freelancer