Perspective is EVERYTHING. This weekend taught me that. Your reality isn’t based off the current situation/sight but more so your long term vision. You have to envision the life you want first in the mind 🧠 then the physical/spiritual world can make it your reality once you put in the work. I envisioned this life years ago. ————————————————————————-It’s not about who posts the most flashy lifestyle or drip on IG.. You can be the flyest person on social media & still have NOTHING in your name. No assets, no investments, no property’s, bad credit , no savings. Thats why perspective is everything. ————————————————————————Don’t let the drip & fancy lifestyle of others get to your head. That stuff attracts small minded people. I’m looking to attract the Big fish like Jeff Bezos & P diddy. The people who can operate on my level of frequency and see a life changing opportunity in front of them & waste no time to invest into it. Those are the people that will see massive wealth & success. They call them risk takers or the 1%. ————————————————————————-It shouldn’t take someone buying nice things for you to believe they have the blueprint to success. Perspective is 🔑 Dont let that go over your head. #SteffYoGameUp #ChangeYourMindset #StillInUniformThough #ILoveTheDripButILikeAssetsMore #AllMyGuysRockAmiri


#SteffYoGameUp #ChangeYourMindset #StillInUniformThough #ILoveTheDripButILikeAssetsMore #AllMyGuysRockAmiri