2022 was the year of guitar for me, as far as hobbies go. I can’t remember a day that I didn’t practice and I can tell I am not the player I was a year ago. Thanks @jkwak418 for giving me so many opportunities to play and a big thank you to my wife @juliemarriottart for the support! Also, shoutout to @joshuaheathscott @nickloux and @addisonnyle at the JHS show for putting out fun and informational content! They’ve inspired my wife to learn how to play bass in 2023 which I’m really looking forward to 😎 Pics below are the pedalboard as it stands today and what it looked like a year ago. Maybe I’ll learn how to use MIDI or a switcher this year 👀👀👀 Big thanks to @coastsonic for the killer deal on the KTR (which I didn’t flip on Reverb) and other pedals! #pedalboardoftheday #pedalboard #pedalboards #guitarpedals #pedalnerd #GearTopia #thegearcollective


#pedalboardoftheday #pedalboard #pedalboards #guitarpedals #pedalnerd #GearTopia #thegearcollective