So it begins.. my Boss pedal collection. Ive used and currently use a lot of the modern/still-in-production Boss pedals. The GT-1000 CORE is a.. core .. part of my live rig. But I got the HR-2 HARMONIST a little while ago to use as a detune and octave up/down for solos and chorusy parts. I think it's such a little sleeper hit pedal. But although I got it to actually use in my rig, it got me interested in the entire line of older vintage BOSS gems, and sparked an interest to start collecting for the sake of collecting.. . Well, along with my HR-2, here is the start of that collection.. the CE-3 CHORUS and OS-2 OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION, with their vintage colored boxes from a shop in Japan, sitting on my vintage Acetone (pre Roland) Rhythm Ace on my little Roland/Boss shelf.. . They came wrapped up all nice and neat, with an origami crane, Japanese newspaper fillers, and a thank you card inside. A quintessential little Japanese package lol. As for the collection, the DC-3 Dimension/Space D and the DM-3 Analog Delay are high on my want list as well as the white whale .. a TB-2W Tone Bender. This should be a fun journey.. . Thanks for the inspiration and your catalog @boss_pedal_project @boss_pedal_collector @boss_pedal_aficionado . . . . #guitarpedal #guitareffects #bosspedals #bosseffects #bossfx #vintagepedals #bossce3 #bossos2 #acetonerhythmace


#guitarpedal #guitareffects #bosspedals #bosseffects #bossfx #vintagepedals #bossce3 #bossos2 #acetonerhythmace