So I knew I wanted to do some Purple Rain noodles (☔ 🍜) when I got my BOSS CE-3 in the mail. It's that quintessential chorusy Prince sound. In fact, his live pedalboard was just a bunch of BOSS pedals through most of his career. Such an epic song.. . . I'm using my all BOSS board on this one. For the first looped part, it's the CE-3 CHORUS with my new BD-2W Blues Driver for my core overdrive tone. 2nd part, I turn off the chorus, switch to the bridge pickup, and push the front end of the Blues Driver with the new Boss OS-2 (yellow) OD for a solo boost. Honestly surprised at how much I love this combo. Great solo tones.. I don't have any Boss reverb or delay pedals on this small board right now which would've made the solo pop/blend a bit better. (Looking at the DM-3 and RV-3 to add in the future).On the 3rd part, I'm just adding an upper and lower octave from the BOSS PS-6 Pitch Shifter. All looped through my Digitech Jamman looper running into the front of the Boss Nextone Special. There's just a little reverb and delay on the amp for some washiness and ambience to my core tone. Talk nerdy to me.. . . . . #prince #purplerain #pedalboard #bosseffects #bossfx #bosspedals #bossnextone #nextonespecial #charveldk24


#prince #purplerain #pedalboard #bosseffects #bossfx #bosspedals #bossnextone #nextonespecial #charveldk24